Personal Statement


personal statement is required to show your purpose of intent. You need to use this document as an opportunity to explain the reader:

  • What you are looking to achieve?
  • How can you integrate and help in a mutual goal?
  • How are you well-suited for a common task?
  • What do you expect of others?
  • How can the reader help you?

A personal statement is supposed to be short and sweet. It is a common practice for universities and colleges to ask the students to submit their personal statements with their admission application forms. They are looking for the students’ background and their goals and objectives. A personal statement is also used to submit to employers to secure a job position or to a court to explain your position in a specific matter or it could be for Visa and Immigration purpose. Our academic writing services is not only limited to help with your homework but also to assist you to write your personal statement.


As mentioned above, your personal statement is your chance to summarise yourself, your goals, your objectives, your expectations and your abilities and present them in an easy to read paragraph for your employer or institution.

You can use this to prove your suitability to the recruiter by summing up your specific skills and experience that make you perfect for the position. Don’t forget this is your chance to stand out from your competition. Our writers are fully trained in meeting the needs of your personal statement and they will help you create a unique and striking personal statement. It is for their diverse talents and skills that we provide the best academic writing services in the UK.


Start of by introducing yourself such as your age and name and profession.  Follow it by stating the purpose of your statement. Feel free to discuss your personal circumstances which have affected your education in a good or bad way. This can help the reader understand why you haven’t scored well in your education and you might be able to persuade them to still hire you.

If you are international student and are willing to study and work in the UK, then you need to address questions such as:

  • Why do you want to study/work in the UK?
  • List the qualifications and certificates that you have obtained in your home country
  • Why studying in the UK is more suitable for you than in your home country?

Be sure that you do not add humour to your statement and keep it professional. Avoid adding unnecessary details in your statement and don’t be tempted to copy others work. Do not exaggerate on a quality that you do not have a full command of; you don’t want to be embarrassed in an interview. We would recommend that you hire a professional proof-reader to ensure no mistakes or errors have been overlooked. Our UK based writers will ensure that the layout and structure of your statement is flawless and free off spelling and grammatical errors. Don’t leave to the last minute as you might miss the necessary information. Your impression depends on your personal statement and remember, first impression is the last impression.

Feel free to hire our professional writers to create a professional personal statement.

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