New Restaurant Business and Operations Plan

Executive Summary

Delicias is different from other eateries, will offer a distinctive and exceptional food experience at a reasonable price in a lively and enjoyable setting. Delicias will be set up because of the increasing demand for quality for all the food they purchase; consumers do not want to settle for any food that doesn’t meet their expectations, and they want to be entertained while eating. Delicias will serve soups/salads along with desserts, appetizers, and entrees for those in the San Diego market.

I am establishing this company to provide customers with value in their purchases and make money by the operation. The company is able to fulfill its goal by providing value prices and a fun environment for its patrons. It will be a profitable company and I’m hoping to open additional restaurants that have the same design in the future.

Restaurant Description/Concept Statement

The restaurant will be launched as a sole proprietorship. that I am the proprietor. The founder will be responsible for both the operational as well as the financial administration of the establishment. The founder holds a Master’s degree in the field of Business Management and Administration. He has worked with numerous restaurant businesses for over five years. The experience gained along with the academic expertise of the owner allows the owner to manage the restaurant and manage it. The founder decided to operate solely in order to make sure that the business decision is taken quickly. In addition, the sole proprietorship model has been chosen because the founder has not met any other individuals who have similar business concepts. The company is tiny, resulting in low profits and there might be some issues with the sharing of profits.

Mission Statement

Delicias will be a wonderful restaurant to dine at because it will combine an exciting atmosphere with delicious and delicious food that is beneficial for those who eat in the restaurant. I’m looking for decent profits and a lucrative workplace where my employees can be productive.

Vision statement: Delicias restaurant serves as a spot where guests can enjoy themselves, be entertained, and relax as they unwind and enjoy delicious food. From the moment customers arrive at the eatery, they’re greeted by the warm and welcoming atmosphere with entertaining music and friendly staff members.

Restaurant Concept

Physical Location

Delicias Restaurant will soon be in San Diego, California at La Jolla. La Jolla has been chosen for the restaurant’s location due to the fact that it is a more upscale neighborhood and a population that can be more likely to afford a higher-priced meal or lunch. The restaurant will have a contemporary design with a simple but elegant.

Restaurant design

The patio will be filled with blooming flowers, palm trees, as well as a lovely water fountain to enhance the outdoor ambiance. The inside will feature high ceilings and a floor made of stone equipped with modern furniture and tables. The kitchen will sit situated at the far side of the restaurant with long, horizontal windows that guests can take in the experience of food preparation. The availability of excellent wines is also an essential part of an excellent restaurant, therefore it should include a wine cellar. I’d like it to be visible to guests to let them see the wide range of wines available and also how gorgeous the wine cellar could be. Glasses, tablecloths, plates, and silverware are minimalist, modern, and spacious to create that “look” for my plates.

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