Dissertation Proposal Service

What is a Dissertation Proposal?

A dissertation proposal outlines everything your intent to write in your dissertation. This can be a daunting task and you may be among the many students who at first feel a little overwhelmed by the pressure of the task. Not to worry, we are the best online dissertation writers in the UK as we will assist at every step.

How to write a Dissertation Proposal?

The first step in to choose your topic and have it approved by your tutor or supervisor. Then, you will need to put together research questions, which will become an essential part of your dissertation proposal.

A dissertation proposal should cover in detail the research questions you are going to analyse. It should also advise the reader about the plan to conduct the relevant research. Ideally, it should include the reading that you have already done and any outcomes of the discussion with your tutor or supervisor. Constant, revision and consultation with your tutor and supervisor can save you from criticism when your work is marked.

The structure of the dissertation proposal can be as such:


Background of study HYPOTHESIS Purpose Research Aim and Objective Research Questions Justification of the study


Pricing Strategy Every Day Low Pricing Strategy Hi-low Pricing Strategy Conceptual framework


Research philosophy Method Sampling Data Collection Ethical consideration



The structure and requirements of the proposal are different for ungraduated or post graduate students. It is best that you refer to the dissertation handbook provided by your institution.

Following the structure above we provide our clients the highest level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, we have been rated the best dissertation writing service in the UK by our clients.

Dissertation Proposal Service

As mentioned above, a proposal outlines everything that you intent to write in your dissertation. Our Dissertation Proposal Service is a great opportunity for you to start your dissertation. Once you place your order, we will ask certain questions in order to understand the nature of the work. The questions can be as follows:

What is the topic? Is there are particular market niche that you aim to research? Which Referencing style shall we follow? How many words? What will be the research methodology?

We don’t just take your order and money; we work relentlessly to understand your requirements to ensure that we provide you the highest quality work. It is due to this work ethic; we have become the best online dissertation writers in the UK.

Next, we will aim to match you to a suitable writer to ensure that we provide you with a proposal that meets your needs.

Rest assured, we work with the best academic writers for our proposal services to ensure that every customer receives a premium quality piece of work, written with a high standard of English and suited to your university marking criteria.

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