Career planning incorporates is long and short term goals

The ideal career isn’t just a way of life .it’s the state of mind and the way you feel. The ideal job is using the skills I love most to an area I am passionate about, and in a setting that is a reflection of the person you are and what you appreciate. In the ever-changing workplace. It can be challenging to create specific career plans for the near term. And that’s not even including the rest the rest of your existence.

Concepts that are fundamental

The first step to career planning is self-assessment.

The right preparation is vital for any career

Setting goalsand objectives is a crucial step when deciding on a career direction

The process of choosing a profession requires making important choices

Career planning incorporates is long term & short term career goals


Career plan


Career plan

My skills, knowledge, values and passions

Recognize the new skills and knowledge I would like to enhance

Career opportunities for researchers

Develop a career plan, including potential pitfalls

Six years or more ahead

Between 6 and 10 years to the future

Review the career action plan to ensure realism

My career path

As a college student in accounting, my goal for my future career is to become a finance director like my brother was working for augentius fund administration LLP with the position of Finance Associate Director

My role-model is him. When I was seven year old I began to record expenses with the money I had in my pocket. I have more opportunities to grow my career. Since two of my brothers are have careers in the accounting field.

Future career paths

At present, I’m pursuing BABS and ACCA in addition to my degree , it will beneficial to me to get internships with firms that are specifically focused on the financial sector . There are a lot of accounting opportunities are available. It is a source of satisfaction knowing that I am able to grow in my professional career.

Five strategic goals

I’m planning to complete my ACCA qualification within 2 years following my London school of commerce BABS graduation on a self-study basis

Develop my English proficiency to an excellent level both in spoken and written

Build my network by creating valuable business contacts by attending exhibitions, meetings, and seminars, and exhibitions.

Role of the Accounting/ Financial

In addition to the increasing amount of work performed by the modern finance function, it is essential to be aware of how the job of the accounting department has changed with respect to other employees in the organization. Being aware of where you are now is essential to considering where you may be in the near future. Knowing the company’s overall performance as well as its financial position at present is crucial to any planning activity. The company’s finances can help you find the data .a Particularly important aspect where the function of the accountant has evolved is in relation to processes.

The most significant role in the past that the accounting staff has to change is to be a stumbling block to other functions. Accounting staff is known to block changes made by other departments. The modifications will impede the control system. In the current environment of increasing competition it is vital for companies to build solid relationships with their main suppliers and customers. They will require additional services, some of which need to be met by accounting personnel. Due to the increasing globalization of business the competition has grown more fierce. It is possible that ethical principles to which companies adhere have been eroded by the pressure of the increasing competition.


Type of job: Any

Location – London

Salary-not specified

Required qualification

A/L (accounting, maths & English)

Eight month experience

Information technology information

Good communication skill

Part qualified or all certified

Job description

Bookkeepers are typically ambitious looking to expand their expertise in commercialization and eventually become an accountant. Engages in personal development and keeps professional affiliations. Follows the strictest guidelines.

Principal responsibility

Determine the bad debt reserve

Petty-cash maintain

Make sure that books are accurate using defined methods

Coaches build and enhance capabilities

Dealing in cash



Good communication skills

Current driving license

Understanding of how to utilize information from management

Information Technology information

This vacancy was retrieved from the BP CONNECT M&S career site.

I’m a qualified candidate required to be eligible for the above position and I’m currently working at BP in this same job

Assistant to the Finance department

Required qualification

AAT qualified

ACCA or CIMA (part or fully qualified)

Experience with using a Excel and a computerised accounting software

Excellent communication skill

Excellent organizational skills and excellent telephone manner

You’ll require 12 months of general office/finance experience , in the same position and have been educated to the standard of 4 GCSE’S.

Experience with management practices to guide staff assigned to them

Main duties

Offering holiday coverage

Assisting in any other needed administrative tasks

Purchase ledger

Supplier statement reconciliation

Sales ledger- posting customer cash

Answering switchboard

Principal responsibility

System task –

Costing of audits

Review system costs and benefits and review the benefits and cost

Check the quality of the system for collecting data

Task of Reporting

Assist in the creation of the budget

Report on breakeven point of Division and product

Report on the capital budgeting request

Report on costing of products to meet target

Report on the periodic variance analysis

Report on margins of products and division


Effective communication and communicating clearly

Ability to collaborate with staff members and department management in order to accomplish goals

The ability to delegate responsibility, as well as authority to staff members and manage multiple priorities

This vacancy was retrieved from the Solihull care trust’s page.

I’ll complete my ACCA qualification in two years following my graduation. I will be able to apply for this position.

Assistant accountant

The role

Our client is in search of an associate degree qualified accounting assistant to work in their active department of finance.

Required qualification

ACA/CIMA/ACCA qualified

Advanced system and advanced abilities

Sox test experiences

IT-related information

Understanding of UK the statutory accounts made under UK GAPP

Excellent communication skills, both written and verbally

You must have a thorough understanding of bookkeeping

Minimum experience of 5 years in the field

Principal responsibility

Create a model of credit scoring

Measure department performance

Check on periodic credit reviews

Continuously train the credit personnel

Manage credit files of customer customers

Take care of your corporate policy on credit

Control the financing program for corporate clients

Approve invoice write-offs

Assure that accounts receivables are paid promptly


Expertise in analyzing financial dates and in preparing reports that are appropriate for the situation.

Skills in linking organizational goals to finance policies on cost or fees.

Skills in identifying and solving problems with accounting and finance

Ability to exercise judgement, initiative, and making decisions to meet organizational goals

Skills in developing and maintaining an efficient working relationships with staff, patients, auditors, and with the public.

Job description

Create and oversee the internal auditing program to ensure that internal controls are in place for financial transactions. Responsible for the annual audit of financials as well as any other audits of special nature. Directs, forecasts and analyzes the effect of special projects as well as acquisitions or new services. Assists the financial accountant as well as other management personnel in the creation of the major reviews of the financial report of the clinic and proposes changes to operating procedures. Experience with clinic’s strategic business goals and the performance of employees. Understanding of the accounting and finance functions, such as budgeting and credit, as well as investment and internal controls.

After 6 years, I am qualified for this job.

Financial accountant

Required qualification

CCAB an accountant who is qualified


Part qualified degree educated

Advanced Excel skills and an affable personality

Excellent computer /IT skills

However, prior experience is an benefit

A minimum of two years’ experience in the field is important

Essential responsibility


Make the cash forecast

Initiate best practices improvements

Create internal management reports when required

The annual budgeting process should be managed.

Oversee outsourced functions

Supervises the financial analysis team

Financial reporting

Release a timely financial statements

Review capital purchase plans for review

Supervises tax reporting staff

Supervises public reporting staff


Maintain an organized accounting system for filling in the forms.

Supervises accounts payable staff

Supervises the payroll staff

Job description

The best person to work with will be proactive, tasks include preparing report on balance sheets. Keep bank accounts in order as well as manage the VAT balance and reconciliation. Work with the finance director to prepare the financial statement and then approve which include balance sheets, profit and loss statement , analysis of variations in the accounts ratio, income/expense, and investment analysis with regard to the effects of fee adjustments on profits and costs as well as the return of investment. Responsible for the creation of statistical reports and information for government, management and other government agencies. Attends various meetings with departmental and management staff to discuss and review issues related to finances.

Finance director

As a finance director , you are required to provide leadership in the area of finance for the entire group. As an integral part of the management’s executive boards,, you will be a key contributor to an overall strategic plan and development of the business.

A wonderful opportunity has arisen to become an excellent finance director. As a subordinate of the director of management Finance director a key executive member and is a key player in the overall management of the company. Reporting on historical results is standard, however more emphasis is given to finding out what is affecting how the company will perform in the coming years. business.

Required qualification

Fully certified ACA/CIMA/ACCA

Team management and strong interpersonal abilities

Experience in a similar role essential

Excellent leadership and communication skills

A minimum of 8 years’ experience in the field of accounting.

Excellent interpersonal abilities

Excellent IT skills

Principal responsabilities

Control and direction of finance and administrative functions, as well as human resource, and IT provide skilled resources to the accomplishment of goals.

As an executive, you create budgets, you must take an active part in the business activities and take action to meet business demands by taking effective strategic and operational initiatives.

Set up both debt and equity financing

Key role in commercial decision making

Create tax and financial strategies

Place money in investment

Invest pension funds

Maintain bank relationship

Implement best practices for operational use

Monitor financial reports

manage the budgeting and capital request processes , and also the finance, investor relations, accounting, tax and human resources department

Supervise due diligence on acquisitions as well as negotiate deals with acquisitions. Learn and minimize the most important elements of the risk profile of the business.

Main duties

Approve the budget for the accounting department

Attend executive committee meetings when necessary

Review the financial performance of senior management with them.

Give advice to management on the effect of acquisitions.

Job description

Finance directors are accountable for the entire operation of the publishing business which includes new product development as well as staff recruitment and efficiency. The FD is responsible for the overall financial performance of the publishing programs, including managing stock across all departments of the organization. Plans and develops departmental objectives in collaboration with the finance director and staff . This includes the short and long range accounting software for budgeting and profit analysis, as well as the accounting system, Medicare cost reporting as well as internal auditing. Manages the accounting and financial functions of the department to ensure accurate and timely reports of financial information for clinics. Establishes and implements procedures and policies in order to make sure that they are compliant with regulations agencies. Review all third party contracts and tracks the revenue from contracts.

After 12 years, I am qualified for this position.

How to prepare for an interview

Prior to the interview, I should identify my main goals. the interview. Make sure to focus on what’s important to background of the person being interviewed for instance, for example, if I’m interviewing someone working in human resources, inquire about their organizational culture and hiring practices.

Be punctual – the most effective way to create an impression is to arrive late for an interview . Also, don’t arrive too early.

Dress professionally and check myself in a mirror prior to the event to ensure that you’re in sync.

During the interview

If you are meeting the person you are meeting, shake hands with firmness keep eye contact and smile. Be sure to swap business cards. Be relaxed and imagine it as a meeting with a friend.

Beware of the temptation to talk too often

Keep an open mind

It’s acceptable to engage in small talk.

Keep track of your time

Following the interview

Send them a quick thank you note.

Continue to attend interviews until you feel confident that you’ve discovered the most promising career option.

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