Factors for Animated Film Development

After working on my first short animated film last year I decided that it’ an area of digital media that I want to pursue and develop my skills in. For my capstone ideation I have used creative and innovative techniques to come up with an idea for a short film. I want to use 3D software primarily, but also incorporate 2D and real-life footage. My film will be based on a true crime story, combining fantasy and thriller elements. The story focuses on and is narrated by a woman called Cai Xia Liao, a vengeful Chinese woman who committed the most horrific and unbelievable killing of a four-year-old boy and his grandmother in Melbourne with a pair of garden shears. The pair met in China in 2012 while Mach and his wife were separated. But when he tried to end the romance Liao became enraged. I want to focus on the dark themes of jealousy and revenge and hope to do this through visual language techniques.

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